Networking international projects'

conceptualization, writing, partnership design and set up


professional performance of subcontractor tasks

Why participating in international projects?

Innovation & learning

We acquired many new approaches and initiatives from our international projects, which we try to spread in the domestic environment as well.

Working for a greater purpose

Most of the transnational projects are for the commonweal, e.g. they are created for business development, the spread of green energy, or for strengthening the countryside’s retainment capacity. It’s inspiring to participate in projects with such purposes.


We respect and value our partners and are happy to work in diverse, thousand-face communities. Cooperating with other cultures: it’s wonderful!

Our expertise:

building networks accross Europe

Several of our members were previously managers at business development institutions, where they put together the concept of international projects, formed partnerships, wrote the project material for submission, and then managed the project. Both as consortium leader and project partner. We are still part of the international circulation, with an extensive network of contacts and many new initiatives.

  • project ideas and their development
  • partnership design and it’s establishment 
  • own know-how in consortium and knowledge management
  • management of an international project from A to Z
  • as a subcontractor, delivering high-quality results, training, workshops, events or professional outcomes
  • network development, with our own network building model (Innonity)
  • agile approach in new fields
  • training, workshops, events and development of pilots  
  • organizational and operational development
  • complex regional or sector development and cooperation programs

Our projects

The focus of the project: promoting the green transition of energy-intensive SMEs

Our contribution: concept development, management of the consortium, submitting the tender.

The project has been launched on 1 Janauary 2024. 

Project website is here

The focus of the project: the use of digital technologies and their impact on working conditions

Our contribution: we held sprints on the topic of digitization, and the opening lecture of the closing event

The website of the project

Explore the description of the specific events at our events!

The focus of the project: Strengthening social enterprises and collecting their models across Europe

Our contribution: participation in the development and foundation of the project concept

The website of the project

The focus of the project: supporting for technology change in the SME sector

Our contribution: building a business community with events, programs, and a community model

Detailed description of our job

The focus of the project: institutional development of support for restarter entrepreneurs

Our contribution: foundation of the project concept, management of the entire consortium

The website of the project

The focus of the project: supporting SMEs’ acceleration with different institutional models and interventions

Our contribution: participation in the development of the concept, domestic management of the project

The website of the project

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