Our members

Edina Kálmán

project manager, OD and business development expert, network builder

Who always has three novels and practical suggestions. Who can inspire everyone and lets herself be inspired as well. If she appears somewhere, things get a new impetus, people get motivated to work, and new strength and new light move into processes and relationships. Her agnosticism and spirit pervade the group: there is no obligation here, no routine here, but there is no abandonment either: anyone can express herself, anyone can ask for help and make decisions freely. She believes deeply in democracy, even more so: she believes in humanity, systems, and synergies. With her 20 years of work experience, as the intellectual author and leader of numerous projects, she has already completed quite a few programs, lectures, workshops, and thousands of consulting hours.

Krisztina Horváth-Karip

trainer, coach, OD expert

She is a person of Accomplishment. She delegates and supports enables, and analyzes. She writes, calculates, and puts things together, a true rational creator pursuing the fulfillment of issues. She is a consultant, knowledge manager, moderator, and organizational developer at the same time. Parallelly she is fine-tuned and hard and witty and engaged, everything that is necessary for life and the creation of things. She has 20 years of management experience, with a sophisticated customer sense, being a great conversationalist. For her, the framework that she keeps and adheres to is always clear, and she is able to tell this to others as well. Thinking in terms of deadlines and realization – this is why the client feels in safe hands when working with her.

Péter Csanádi

business, organization and management development consultant


He is one of the best-known and most respected management consultants in Hungary.

Economist, registered management consultant (CMC), accredited coach (PCC) and team coach (ITCA), IPMA project management trainer, head of the Csanádi Group. His areas of expertise are company, business, strategy, organization, leadership, management and operational development. He has extensive experience in multinational organizations, domestic privately owned SMEs, and non-profit communities. He has almost 30 years of management experience. He believes that change is an opportunity. An opportunity for the organization to provide space for its managers and employees in order to enrich the organization by realizing themselves, by making use of their knowledge and expertise, via serving the achievement of goals. It is also an opportunity for the members of the organization to develop in the process and to find their joy in everyday cooperation.

Anna Buzogány

editor, production manager, coordinator

Whose systematization and organization are her two best friends. Someone who manages comfortless communication situations as an editor-reporter in front of the camera and as a production organizer behind the camera. Her task is to keep the smooth implementation of sub-tasks under control, from the idea through the preparation of a project to the end of the post-production work, while building a bridge between the staff’s freedom of movement, the scope of the given task, and the client’s needs. She previously used her qualifications as a writer and art manager as a host of educational discussion series and currently writes articles, proofreads, edits, cuts videos, and produces social media content. For her, the creation of a calm atmosphere, teamwork, empathy, and a smile are of prime importance in every project. 🙂

László Katona

industrial development expert, lean manager

He is an expert in processes, order, and transparency. He is able to display operative operations in indicators and can switch companies to data-driven thinking. He gives a clear picture of which of the company’s activities have a value-creating nature, which should be abandoned, and how in order to increase productivity. The Leanov team led by him put together a unique methodology for the diagnosis and development of processes, in which the strategic and development skills of a lean think-tank company and nearly 60 European suppliers were concentrated. With more than a decade of concentrated and extensive experience, he decided to put his acquired knowledge at the service of domestic SMEs.

Endre Gradvolt

cinematographer, editor

The one who transforms static messages into moving images. He is a visual simultaneous interpreter between the business message and the visual content displayed to the target audience. He believes in thinking and creating value together. For him, all film and video content is a creative space, regardless of whether the goal must be approached within a predetermined framework, or freely, creatively, and humorously. His goal is always to help the customer’s quality self-expression, whether it is a product, a service, or the person behind the scenes. He is up in the displaying of the SME sector as of corporate events, but he is also experienced in the world of theater and contemporary fine arts. He studied literature but also created as a musician for 15 years before becoming a cinematographer.

Gábor Záborszky

a programmer


Today, there are hardly any sectors where one can thrive without digital solutions. However, building user-friendly systems for business needs is a separate art form. Gábor has been mastering this art for 15 years. He understands and practices real business needs, keeps up with IT innovations, and delivers on time. He practices it through website and portal systems, custom applications, tailoring boxed software, and assembling his multi-functional framework. Whether it’s for a bank, a manufacturing company, a waste management firm, or anyone else. With Gábor and his team, Proof of Work, collaboration is easy, and, as a bonus, they even support the hardware aspect as system administrators in the projects.

Péter Tóth

graphic designer

Someone who, for the past 30 years, has been transforming your message into images. Someone who first wants to understand the real message of the COs, and then makes it more understandable and attractive to the company’s customers with his visual solutions.
Whether it’s advertising, illustration, web design, branding, or guerrilla marketing, with his graphic solutions, he grabs the attention of clients, making the services and products of supported companies more visible and outstanding in the market competition. He participated in campaigns for global brands and helped in launching entirely new ventures. Their extensive experience spans both print and online design and execution. Meanwhile, they have illustrated numerous publications and books. They approach their work with deep focus, concentrating solely on the task at hand.