Our mission

For better and faster business results with innovative development tools

Our data-based approach

We think that dreams are for seeing the goal, where we are going, and data for being able to realise our dreams on the ground of reality. We would translate Milán Füst’s (a Hungarian writer’s) book title, “Vision and passion in art” for our own profession as “Vision, passion and data in business life”. We work together with our clients in this spirit.

collecting the data of the given area

exploring, understanding and visualization of the correlations

sowing the seeds of the long-term data-based thinking in the organisation

Application of the latest business research results

There are many results in business research that can be valuable and useful for companies. However, according to a professor at an illustrious university, it often takes 10-15 years before they appear in an MBA program or in practice. Our mission is to shorten this time and actively use the results for a company’s business and organizational development goals.

watching the international and domestic business research results

creating innovative and practical development tools and methods from the results

incorporating the new methods into the operation of the business

Exploiting the intelligence of the community

We believe in the power and greatness of human communities. Not only did the Harvard Study on Adult Development establish that the key to our happiness – instead of money and fame – is our quality relationships, but we also experience this in one form or another at every workplace.

If a community is joyful and the organization operates transparently, consciously, and methodically, enormous results can be achieved. Community intelligence, strength, and cohesion can surpass any individual human achievement. This knowledge and engine must be used as a driver, it must not be left unused.

exploring the knowledge of individuals

active use of the cohesive force and the knowledge of the group

recording the results of social intelligence